Standing out as the obvious first choice is not easy for financial professionals.

With nearly 300,000 financial advisors in the US, it is not enough to have the right credentials and do good work for your clients.

You have to find a scalable way to connect with your clients and prospects. You must demonstrate your value while selling an intangible service that will deliver results 20 years from now. You must cut through complexity and inspire action.

Writing can do that.

And yet, writing is not a common strength for financial professionals. The idea of outsourcing content development is an obvious solution, but your typical financial writer is not going to help. The financial services industry has a unique set of constraints and features. From walking the tight rope of compliance to understanding the complexities of your service offering, you need someone who knows the industry.

You also need someone who can speak to your audience in a way that creates a powerful connection. That requires an understanding of behavioral finance, buyer psychology, and impactful writing.

Meet Natalia Autenrieth. I am a financial linguist: one part technical analyst, one part storyteller, one part diplomat.

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