The internet has made it possible for your perfect prospects to find you – as long as you have a compelling digital presence. You have probably attended more than one seminar on content marketing. In my experience, those sessions often leave advisors crammed full of terms like “SEO” and “lead capture”, yet no closer to the goal of creating more visibility.

I have seen many advisors start down the blogging path. They are often excited and inspired by stories of professionals who grow their practices through content marketing. However, content marketing requires them to generate high-quality content – not just once but regularly! That’s where good intentions come to a standstill. Finding the time to write, thinking of relevant topics, and tying disparate blog posts into a coherent content strategy can be overwhelming.

How do the leading advisors do it?

Some happen to have a special talent for distilling complex concepts into easy-to-grasp ideas, an eye for finding inspiration, and the discipline to write and publish content regularly. Others use a secret weapon called “ghost writing”.

Here is what ghost writing can do for you.

  • We begin by looking at your practice and service offering. We understand your brand and ideal clients. (Don’t have a brand? No problem. Coaching can help.)
  • We create a content strategy that will connect you with your prospects, demonstrate your expertise, and move your audience to take action.
  • Together, we define the best frequency for publishing your content and create a tailored editorial calendar with topics and delivery dates.
  • You review and provide feedback on article drafts.
  • After the article is final, you publish it under your own name. You own the copywrite to every piece.

No more scrambling for the next topic or missing weeks of publishing opportunities. Just great content, tailored for your practice and delivered on a schedule.

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Book Development

The idea of writing a book is intriguing. You may have a futuristic insight, a disruptive idea, or a counter-intuitive strategy that you want to share. Or perhaps you just want to explain the process you use with your clients that will create better-qualified and well-prepared prospects (and serve as a fantastic expertise-affirming business card).

However, writing a book the traditional way is time-consuming and difficult. Between having to carve out hours for writing and refining your ideas, plus endless rounds of editing and dealing with compliance, it’s no wonder so few ideas ever get turned into books.

Ghost writing can help.

  • We begin by doing what you can do easily: talking about your book! Whether you have just an inkling of an idea or a well-developed outline for the flow of chapters, we meet you where you are. We get clear on your expectations about what the book can do for you. Then, we chart a path to creating outstanding returns on your book investment.
  • Through a series of interviews, your ideas are shaped into a tight and professional outline that will form the structure of your book. At this stage, we make sure that your ideas fit together, are sequenced in a logical way, and convey your thoughts accurately.
  • Next, the outline is developed into chapters expressed in your own voice – only better. We get all the stories and the wisdom out of your head and onto paper.
  • The manuscript is edited, fact-checked, and fully referenced.

If you want help turning your manuscript into a beautiful book, complete with a cover and an ISBN (publishing number you need to sell the book), or setup on a publishing platform to print book copies on demand, we can take care of that too.

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Thought leadership

Expertise sells. Genuinely intriguing insights and helpful information cement your position as a trusted advisor. Overt sales messaging turns prospects off.

That’s where white papers come in.

A white paper is your vehicle for thought leadership. More formal and evidence-based than a typical blog post, a white paper can help you educate your prospects and clients, communicate your expertise, and inspire them to work with you. White papers can be an effective way to capture a prospect’s contact information and begin a long and profitable client relationship.

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