NataliaAutenrieth_squareMy path to financial services started at a Big Four auditing and consulting firm. It was at Ernst & Young that I discovered my ability to distill complex concepts down to core ideas, connect with my audience, and create long-lasting impact. Today, I use those skills to position my clients as experts in their field, masters of their craft, and valuable professionals who change their clients’ lives for the better.

Great financial writing is a multifaceted skill set. Here are the tools that I use.

  • I speak your language. I have a deep knowledge of the financial industry from the extensive professional training to obtain my CPA license, coaching financial advisors, and ghost-writing for experts in financial planning and financial technology. I follow the trends and know what matters.
  • I speak your clients’ language. Understanding of marketing, consumer psychology, and behavioral finance are critical for producing effective content.
  • I speak the regulators’ language. I am experienced in working with compliance departments, which can help you avoid red flags and shorten the timeframe to approval.

Here is a snapshot of the results of combining those skills for the benefit of my clients.

  • Ghost-written articles published in Kiplinger, on industry expert blogs, and in professional and academic magazines.
  • Several books for financial planners and advisors taken from idea to publication and available for purchase on Amazon.
  • White papers and blog posts for RIAs, financial planners, and household-name companies in the industry.

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