What do you get when you combine a Marine Captain, Financial Advisor, and Martial Arts Teacher with a CPA Auditor/Controller?

Answer: A cumulative 50 year track record of disciplined sustainable growth.

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Why Autenrieth Advantage?

Exclusive mental operating system.

Proven results.

Inspired momentum.

Windmill Power

“We see the commercials for electric-powered cars and energy-efficient lightbulbs. But where are the instructions for a more energy-efficient life or business?”

- Doug Autenrieth

Top 5 reasons advisors hire us


To get unstuck from a revenue plateau


To align personal brand with ideal clients, get more qualified prospects, and simplify marketing.

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To get strategic advice for avoiding expensive mistakes (partnership decisions, M&A, exit strategies)


To take control of how they spend their time


To get their team motivated, energized, and working together.

Where do I start?



Determine which of our 2 coaching programs might be right for you.

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Sustainable Growth Operating System

Discover our road-tested, street-smart, and practical “operating system” for a sustainable, highly profitable, and fulfilling professional practice.



Discover the 9 disciplines of sustainable growth, and 8 critical fundamentals of running a professional practice – any one of which can have an immediate and profound impact.

About Us


Doug Autenrieth

Doug Autenrieth has spent a lifetime dedicated to maximizing human potential. He founded his coaching practice in 1999, after a career in the US Marine Corps and Merrill Lynch.


Natalia Autenrieth

Natalia Autenrieth has audited Fortune 500 companies, built and managed an accounting department, and served as a CPA consultant. She enjoys being able to focus exclusively on coaching, maximizing performance, and helping clients navigate change.


Industry Experience

Together, we have dedicated over 50 years to understanding the financial industry and helping advisors grow.

Coach-Specific Training

We are dedicated to our professional growth as executive coaches, with over 400 combined hours of coach-specific training, and thousands of hours coaching advisors in the industry.

Proven effectiveness

We have coached over 600 advisors, with documented AUM growth rates of more than 3 times the peer average.
ROI on our services 7-10 times the original investment.
70% of our clients hire us for subsequent coaching terms.

Coaching the whole person

We ensure that nothing in your professional or personal life is left out that could either be leveraged
for success, or, if ignored, could sabotage your efforts.

Coaching practice, not coaching company

100% customized content. No boilerplate curriculum. No fluff.
12-month term to enable meaningful, measurable progress.
Frequent interactions for greater momentum and accountability.

I’ve tried “motivatiors” and practice management programs, which never quite made a difference for me. Doug has given me a custom solution on a timetable of my making. Doug is easy to work with, produces results, and is worth every penny.

Lee E.

Senior Vice President

When I pick up the phone with Doug, I know I am working to become a better human being. Our sessions are based on an approach that builds every aspect of life. The growth I have experienced in the past year has been more significant than the previous 30.

Christopher E.

Doug has given me the confidence to succeed. Looking at the financial success I have had, I know I could not have done it without Doug.

Susan M.

Owner, EA

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